Art Deco flyer design process

When I was asked to create a flyer for the Twin Cities IT Social that is taking place at The Forum on April 28th, I was excited; first I got to design something and that is always fun, second I got to dust off my Art Deco Book.

I first started by reviewing the information and photos of The Forum provided. I then did a google image search and created a mood board with results. I was surprised at the amount of time I spent on creating and arranging the board.

While taking in the board and thinking about the theme of the event I decided I needed more social images to inspire me. That was when I found the Dunnhill poster. The Dunhill and the style of the woman in the bathing suit posters influenced the form of the flyer.

After sketching out the illustration I scanned it in, used Adobe Illustrator to create the base form. Then I brought the illustration into PhotoShop to add some finishing touches.

I used the community at for feedback on the design. The community was especially helpful
regarding the typography.

The finished flyer:

If you are going to be in the Minneapolis area on April 28th
and would like to go to the Twin Cities IT Social please register.

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