Art Deco flyer design process

When I was asked to create a flyer for the Twin Cities IT Social that is taking place at The Forum on April 28th, I was excited; first I got to design something and that is always fun, second I got to dust off my Art Deco Book.

I first started by reviewing the information and photos of The Forum provided. I then did a google image search and created a mood board with results. I was surprised at the amount of time I spent on creating and arranging the board.

While taking in the board and thinking about the theme of the event I decided I needed more social images to inspire me. That was when I found the Dunnhill poster. The Dunhill and the style of the woman in the bathing suit posters influenced the form of the flyer.

After sketching out the illustration I scanned it in, used Adobe Illustrator to create the base form. Then I brought the illustration into PhotoShop to add some finishing touches.

I used the community at Forrst.com for feedback on the design. The community was especially helpful
regarding the typography.

The finished flyer:

If you are going to be in the Minneapolis area on April 28th
and would like to go to the Twin Cities IT Social please register.


Email Marketing

I have been testing different email campaign engines and how they handle RSS feed distribution. The goal of this post is to test various email campaign services and  how they scrape content form the website, either they publish the RSS excerpt or scrape the HTML form the page.


  1. Mail Chimp Can display full HTML and images, strips CSS class on image, had to use a little custom code from this post to get HTML and images to display the way I wanted.
  2. FeedBlitz publishes the HTML of the full post, with CSS classes intact can add custom CSS in the head to float images. Funky GUI over all and has few template options that I could I find.
  3. iContact publishes the excerpt from the RSS feed, no images little design control.
  4. Campaign Monitor Couldn’t find a way to send out RSS automatically

Over all I like Mail Chimp for both regular email marketing and RSS email publishing.

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